Observations for the day:

- A sad recurrent pattern in my life that involves going to sleep earlier than I want to, so I can get up earlier than I want to. Going to sleep by 2 or so in the AM, when I finally peel myself from the PS2 or Julia or whatever else may have me temporarily convinced that it is better than sleep. Starting to wake up around 4, presentable and the next town over by 5. Taking an afternoon nap, waking up at 10 to 6 via ringing phone, needing to locate a pair of work boots and go work elsewhere, braving the tail end of rush hour... when this phone woke me up I saw the clock and it took a good two minutes to register with me that this was PM we were dealing with and not AM...

- On a totally unrelated note, I can tell when I've been online more often by the decreased amount of spam in my inbox upon logon.

- If you need to go to sleep anytime soon, stay the fuck away from e2.