You know, I must say that writing my first non-daylog writeup in anywhere-near-recent memory, inspired while typing a stack of messages to the noder of Driving while drunk vs. driving while tired full of tips for staying awake, and checking back moments later to see if it had any reputation of good or ill repute just yet, and seeing the first vote on it was a plus, felt pretty damn good.

But hell, it isn't that long after 4:20, there was probably some other noder with votes to use up sitting there looking for a new node that sounded like a good read for a stoner while stoned who said to hirself, "Wow!! That node says stoned in it, and I'm stoned too, so I should read it!" Despite the short-rambling nature of this writeup and its near-incoherence, the node makes perfect sense to him and bam, it's +1 city.

So to whoever the fuck that may have been, I thank you.

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