Found on my floor whilst cleaning and listening to Led Zeppelin's III, writ upon the back of a Land & Sea Diner placemat:

"What if the father of mathematics has an abortion?" - Phil
"That was the most titannically and deliciously irrational statement I've heard in a while." - Joe

Shrapnel Flakes! They're grr-rr-arr!
Now there's a great slogan:
Tired of your children?

Andrey: "Mommy, why does this milk smell like gasoline? ...Don't worry..."

"Here, come sit on this holy hand grenade, it'll fill you with spirituality...and lead..." -G'zone

"If they had a movie, 3 hours of this guy drinking coffee, it would make sense. He was thirsty, he drank coffee. It makes sense. Minority Report doesn't do that." -Andrey

"Am I going to have my leg torn off and shoved up my ass?" -Dan
"Depends on if you pay or not." -Phil