Smoke a bowl and draw your shoe and all good things will follow. oh my god dude, seriously. Now, for what it's worth, drawing is always good for the stoner. Let your imagination roam. Treat everything within your field of vision as though it were a cloud in the sky and you were laying on your back in a grassy field somewhere. This works especially well with the silhouettes of trees against a fairly light-colored sky in the middle of the night about any time of year in these northern new jersey suburbs. What do you see?

Now, for fucks sake, draw it! Draw anything, even just squiggles and spirals and whatnot, just draw! And now this drawing is a new object to look over....look from close up and far away! Look for might take a little more effort to do this without being stoned, but whether or not you choose to partake of this particular vice, free your mind and open your eyes....what do you see?