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Poison Arrow Temp Agency
Empowering you to find the perfect position for your talents.
Ballistic and unarmed combat testing on-site with specialists; must have completed at least the UCC and SACC courses.
PATA endorses all relevant safety codes & regulations - work smart, work safe. Don't let your next henchman job be your last!

Page 2: Experience Section

Contracts are listed in reverse chronological order

March 2004 - Present

KriegerCorp (defunct)
Location: X-Isle
Job Description: Fire team supervisor
Primary Duties:
  • Supervision of 4-5 man teams with diverse combat duties.
  • Mutant outbreak suppression.
  • Bad aim.
  • Telegraphing movements of combat team to the enemy.
  • Occasional suicidal tendencies.
Reason for leaving:

After mutant outbreak, suicidal refusal of combat force to cooperate with one-man-army Jack Carver, despite strong objections from candidate. Said Carver was apparently capable of disassembling fireteams and mutant hit squads at will. Dwindling odds due to attrition from the two fronts fought. Note: Candidate's self-removal before contract ended is excused after investigation of X-Isle turned up nothing but smoking rubble.

Jan 2004 - March 2004

Liberty Navy
Location: Colorado System, Liberty Sector
Job Description: Patroller 1st Class
Primary Duties: Reason for leaving:

Defects in short-term memory of immediate supervisors; instant changes of allegiance and rules of engagement with known Universal heroes / villains, evidence of corruption and graft throughout the Force, complete blindness to known raider hangouts despite repeated visits to them. The last straw was having the same dialogue with wingmates over and over; come on guys, how about that *local sports team*, huh? Note: candidate's story checks out fully.

Dec 2003 - Jan 2004

Location: Cairo Arcology
Job Description: Holy Soldier
Primary Duties: Reason for leaving:

Uncanny ability of fellow troops to spout top-secret, mission-critical data only when spied upon from a nearby air vent. Fatal flaw designed into combat armors and disseminated on an unsecured network (aka Death Star syndrome). Inability of fellow troops to navigate past tables, chairs a crippling disadvantage in firefights. Notable bouts of complete amnesia upon losing contact with enemy.Note: candidate's story confirmed by surveillance records.

Stories and mechanical coherence/consistency in games have a long way to go...