There is no such thing as a perfect political structure. It's just how much they screw up the theory and mangle the system. If one wants to prove through example, socialism definitely is *NOT* as good as democracy. May I remind you of the Mitterand tyranny in 1980's France? How about Canada and their economy? Australia's failing experiment in social welfare? The repeated failures of Old Labor in Britain? South America (Venezuela comes to mind)?!? Admit it, socialism sucks.

Americans have a pretty simple mentality when it comes to what they want in politics. Gimme what I want, otherwise, not in my backyard. But then again, isn't that what the citizens of all nations want? I want the maximum benefits, with the lowest opportunity cost possible. Gimme gimme gimme. I know that's what I want. They want simplicity.

Americans probably don't like mudslinging. All mudslinging is is a bunch of politicians making dirty accusations and slander at each other, in order to turn the other person into a "politically incorrect bastard" and win the election. In fact, they probably hate it. As in, "who gives a shit?" But they are forced to live with it, and to stand there and take the slander is not acceptable. All elections are is some popularity contest where you try to prove how shitty the others are so that's why you are the only decent choice. Since people are actually gullible enough to believe the ads, mudslingers win.

Third party candidates just throw the monkey wrench into the works. They don't win because people are confused. "We've always had Republican and Democrat, who is this new guy? What do we do?" They will probably end up voting for the Elephant or the Donkey anyways because they can't be bothered digging out information about the independent. Again, they want simplicity. Don't confuse.

Me? You know what I want? I want you all to get out of my backyard or I'll turn my guns on you. And don't steal half my paycheck. It's my money! All mine!

The political process probably is a sham, so I direct you to my writeup in Why won't people kick both parties out? Enjoy!