One might notice that pornography has been very quick to attach itself to new technologies of visual presentation. When the printing press was invented, porn was one of the first things it was used for, after the bible. Photography? Porn was quick to use that. When magazines became popular, porno mags quickly appeared. The VCR market was flooded by cheap porn titles. So were DVD's. So what's next? Virtual reality.

While the older innovations in the presentation of erotica were less confusing, this one presents several dilemmas. The blurring of real, physical sex and cybersex may well change society in unalterable ways, because, frankly, sometimes the object of desire in the computer may be more physically attractive than the real one. Whereas some people want a real relationship, and no one can stay in a machine forever, some people just want to fuck. And VR pornography will be a perfect solution for that. No more one night stands. Want sex? Boot up the machine. With luck, you can even have realistic sex with another person on two machines, and it will be just like the real thing.

The drop of the taboo surrounding sex may result in a Brave New World-like society, where sex is a thing that little children engage in for fun. In fact, virtual reality pornography may redefine porn itself. When you fully immerse yourself in the experience, is it porn any more? Or is it real sex? There are many issues that many arise out of this technology. Not just erotica. Society may very well be changed greatly by this.

If such technology does come out in my lifetime, all I know is, I'll be on the computer all day long.