Actually, this sounds exactly like anarchy propaganda. Along with the usual defamation of the police, saying that laws cause crime just doesn't make too much sense to me. I would really have to doubt the mindset of anyone who says this, especially after listening to certain angry teens complain about "laws and rules" and illogically arguing that without laws society would be a better place. I just shook my head and said "You'll learn when you get older."

Maybe it's just America. But in my experience living in other countries, laws have drastic effects on decreasing crime. Take China. Liberal use of capital punishment and a strict set of laws has pushed crime to much lower levels than America. Take this into consideration. China is a much poorer country than America. According to American thought, that should make China's level of crime much higher, right? No, because the laws not only act as punishment but also as a deterrent to crime. See also Singapore and Japan.

Nobody expects a new law to make crime magically disappear. That is impossible. Nothing can do that. It is wishful thinking. I merely wish to see crime decrease.

I think the Prohibition analogy is used poorly. Alcohol is relatively harmless. The Prohibition was installed in a period of post-World War I optimism in a new, perfect society, and it was obviously installed by overly self-righteous moralistic idealists. It was a dumb idea, because alcohol is firstly not that bad, and secondly, easily trafficked. Hello mob.

Think about serious crimes. Murder, rape, robbery, larceny, all that. Do you seriously think that if those laws were abolished there would be less crime? God no. It would skyrocket. People are not nice by nature. We don't live in an utopian society, and so there must be laws to prevent crime. It is that simple. Laws are very necessary for a society to function.

Without order, there is no society.