So true, so true. Different languages have different effects.

German sounds evil, no matter what you say. Especially if you add snarls and stuff. Du Hast by Rammstein is a good example. That's why I like German and hate French. French sounds, well, annoying.

The various dialects of Chinese are all different.

And so on. Korean sounds cool at first, but descends into repetition because you keep hearing phrases like "Anya!", which I still don't understand. Apparently it's a mild curse. I'll never understand Koreans. Some call Japanese the "language of the devil". I think it is. It sounds like pure gibberish, and is near impossible to learn. I had no luck with it.

People always think I'm Japanese. "Cool! You know Japanese!" Apparently, Japanese is a "cool" language. I think Mandarin bores them. As soon as I try to explain the presence of dialects to these white devils, they run away. I don't know why.

Here's some wacky sounding Shanghainese for all you pale demons.

Chun na ni niang ge chou bi!

Here is the Cantonese counterpart:

Dil le loh moh chou fah hi!

Don't ask me what that means. It's beyond obscene.