THe Kennedy family has been referred to as "the royal family" of America. I find this disturbing.

What have they done that was so great to deserve this accolade? In fact, their family is so tainted that it is almost like linking Adolf Hitler as the symbol of Germany. Germany is a great place. And so is the USA. It doesn't deserve to be slandered like this.

Here is a list of things that the Kennedy family has committed that I don't like.

  • The Kennedy family fortune came from bootlegging booze during the Prohibition.
  • Joe Sr. Kennedy ordered that his daughter Rosemary have a lobotomy because she was retarded. He did it without telling Rose Kennedy first. Rosemary is still alive in a Wisconsin institution.
  • Joe Sr. allegedly had a affair with actress Gloria Swanson, which Rose ignored.
  • Joe Sr. was a Nazi sympathizer who made money doing deals with the Third Reich.
  • JFK's allegedly had affairs with Marilyn Monroe and many others while he was married.
  • JKF had connections to crime organizations, including the Mafia.
  • Ted Kennedy drove a car off a bridge on Massachusetts' Chappaquiddick Island after a party, fatally injuring aide Mary Jo Kopechne. He then left her to die after escaping.
  • Ted's son Patrick, now a Congressman, sought treatment for cocaine addiction as a teenager.
  • Joe II Kennedy, tried to get an annulment (instead of a divorce) erasing his 12-year marriage. Supposedly Joe wanted to remain in the church, so he was willing to say that because he'd lacked "due discretion," he had never really been married. Joe's ex-wife published a book "Shattered Faith" that depicts him as a narcissistic bully and protests his efforts to have their 12-year marriage annulled. The annulment got overturned and his next marriage was not in the Catholic church.
  • Michael Kennedy drew negative publicity for an affair with his family's underage baby sitter.
  • William Kennedy Smith was accused of rape at the family's Palm Beach, Florida, estate after a party with Uncle Ted. He was acquitted.
  • David Kennedy overdosed in drugs and died in 1984.
  • Bobby Jr. was found in possession of marijuana while a juvenile.
  • Bobby Jr. overdosed on heroin in 1983 while aboard an airplane. He was arrested upon landing.
  • You see, the Kennedy family isn't so great. JFK was elected president due to Nixon's 5 o'clock shadow. There are several drug addicts, criminals and adulterers in the family. Are they still royalty? Do they still represent America?

    Update: icicle: Jeez, calm down! I'm just pointing out the wrongs committed by the family and why they should not get so much media attention. But you're right. Maybe crimes is a strong word.