I actually had two seperate sessions of sex ed. One was in 8th grade, another was in 11th grade. I found both very entertaining.

In my 8th grade class I was in an all boys' school in Australia, where the teachers felt that we were old enough to talk explicitly about sex. There were no girls around, and tt was Australia after all. We were big blokes (see Australian lingo).

He started off talking about what the hell sex was and the different styles of "copulation". This was funny already. He proceeded to show us genuine porn. I'm not kidding. He showed us a couple of Penthouse videos.

To us young 14 year olds boys, with our hormones raging around, to see real pornography is like striking agold mine. We were amazed. That was the best class I have ever taken. Hey teacher how did they change positions without stopping, you know, doing it?

He also mentioned something about pregnancy, STD's, and protection. We weren't paying attention. Oh well. We got enough education that day in our opinions.

My 11th grade sex ed class did not have such an important impact on my life as the other one did. It was a lot more boring, filled with mumbo-jumbo about diseases and consequences.

Whatever. I'm a sensible person. I don't need a teacher to tell me what to do. Unfortunately, most other teenagers do need it, looking at the teen pregnancy rates in the USA. Oh well.