A very tasty bird. Pigeon is served throughout Southern China as a tasty main dish, usually during dinner. Its texture is comparable to chicken, but sweeter, and crunchier. Goes very well with red tea, however, it does not accompany rice well. Rice is best served with a dish with more sauce. Hence, serve it right after the appetizers.

Pigeon is usually grilled or roasted to perfection in an open fire, and served with no sauce or flavoring. It has only the seasoning to add to its flavor, which I am unfortunately not very familiar with. However, I suspect honey is used somewhere, because the skin is very crunchy. Perhaps Jinmyo or sensei may be able to help me out here.

The pigeon, after it is roasted, is cut up and served, sometimes with prawn chips, as it contrasts very nicely with the grilled flavor of the pigeon. The substantial amount of meat on the wings is nice when eaten with the crunchy wing bones of the bird. I like to eat the brain afterwards. It has a pasty flavor, and tastes like caviar. One pigeon usually serves one person, however, when I get hungry I can eat two or three.