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A less oily and healthier alternative to spare ribs with black beans and pepper sauce. In dim sum meals the ribs are usually chopped short, but if eaten for dinner, whole ribs are fine. Can be served spicy or plain, I prefer a bit of light soy sauce and some peppercorn salt. Seasoned with a bit of honey, you can make it for BBQ as well. Grill the ribs over an open fire and turn, and it's done.


  1. Combine all ingredients but meat in shallow dish/pan. Add spareribs. Marinate overnight, turning several times.
  2. Line shallow pan with aluminum foil. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Roast spareribs 45 minutes. Turn heat to 325 degrees. Roast 15 minutes more. When shrinkage occurs, ribs are finished).
  3. Serve hot with sauce and/or salt.