Well, in my own opinion, definitely yes. And I will now present my reasoning.

The island of Taiwan has always been occupied by China since the 1700's, except for a time when Japan took over during the 1900's.

When the Nationalists were defeated by the communists in 1949, the Nationalists stole all the gold in the treasury, took everything possibly of value (including works of art and priceless relics) and fled to the island of Taiwan.

Now the communists was just about to chase after them because of all the atrocities Chiang Kai-shek committed to the communists in his purges in the 1930's, where thousands of communist sympathizers were tortured and murdered. But in came the USA. Under the Truman Doctrine, they felt obliged to protect the Nationalists', even though they were extremely corrupt and had a wide trail of human rights abuses.

So under the comfortable umbrella of American protection, the Nationalists felt safe enough to abuse their rather fragile position. Lucky for them China sank into a period of insanity in the 1950's until the 1970's.

You see, if the US decided at any time to withdraw their protection and acknowledge the communist government as the true power in China (which they did not do until the 1970's for political reasons), the Nationalists would be bombed into the next century and Taiwan rightfully become part of China again. But due to the US protection, Taiwan laughed and talked about declaring independence.

Declaring independence would no doubt will bring the full wrath of China down upon Taiwan, because China obviously knows that the US would not sacrifice millions of American lives over a measly little island in Asia. China is an acknowledged nuclear power if multiple warhead ICBM strike capabilities.

Now, why do I believe Taiwan belongs to China? Because the Nationalists were defeated fair and square despite the help they received from America and they fled to Taiwan, knowing the US would protect their sorry asses.

They left a wide trail of corruption, torture and murder behind them. Once they got to Taiwan they continued that policy on the natives of Taiwan, forbidding them to speak their native langauge and forcing them to speak Mandarin or suffer severe punishment.

The Nationalist Party still exists because of the whim of the American government. Right now, the US owns Taiwan. Not the Taiwanese government. As soon as the US withdraws their umbrella of protection, China will return to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

China has been in strife for the past one thousand years. The Chinese people are one. Why continue fighting for some outdated ideological rivalry? Make peace already. Thank you.

Response 1:

There is no peace right now. The communist government is still technically in a state of war between the Nationalists, much as North Korea and South Korea are.

And no, they didn't just start wanting it now. They wanted it in 1949, just as they do now. It is about claiming what was yours and was stolen. Taiwan was a barren island. They protected it for political reasons, just as they do now. Taiwan could be a wasteland and China would still want it back.

Response 2: The Americans started the rebellion. The corrupt Nationalists were the people in power originally, the communists were the rebels. The communists seized control of China and the Nationalists stole a part of China so they can preserve the nominal ownership of China under US protection. Big difference to the American Revolution. This isn't a rebellion because they didn't rebel. They merely stole a piece of land from the rightful owners of that land and deluded themselves into thinking that they still ruled China. Simple as that.

Response 3: The corruption of the communist government is beside the point, in truth, they were quite clean until the late 1960's. And about the right to exercise defiance to "hostile rule", yes that right can be exercised.

Taiwan does not have the power to stop it. The USA does. The voters would have voted differently if the US protection umbrella wasn't so certain. The Nationalist government's existence in Taiwan is based on one assumption. That China is afraid to take on the US. As long as that is true, Taiwan can act big and declare anything. The truth is, Taiwan is largely financially dependent on China, and by declaring independence, they have crossed the line. The US would be unwillingly commit to the conflict if that happens, and China would take Taiwan.

Taiwan is too cocky anyways. Never liked them.

Response 4: No, America would not back Taiwan in the case of independence. They wouldn't dare because China would immediately advance to take Taiwan, and the US would not dare to intervene this time because China is not a little country like Yugoslavia. Besides, there is too much trade going on right now and the pro-China members of Congress would stop any action.

Don't say there are strong nativist setiments in Taiwan. Natives there don't forget that the Nationalists slaughtered them by the dozen not too long ago.

And no, if China invaded, it would spank Taiwan. The Chinese navy is a heck of a lot better than you might think, and Taiwan has no air force. It would be a quick and crushing blow, not a protracted war.