Of course Saige. They're all different weapons. Does it make a difference though? It's all about responsibility of use of those tools, and herein lies the entire argument for the right to bear arms. Responsibility. You have the privilege to own a gun, and you have to hold responsibility for owning it.

Don't spout numbers at me. Do you think recent schoolyard shootings are representative of the nation? Of course not. Violence, believe it or not, is dropping, despite the liberal media's best efforts to shock us with bloodshed. Unfortunately, some people have fallen for it and actually believe that America is a country rampant with violence, and clamor for tighter gun control.

I hate it when people bring up "children" in an argument. It makes it sound like adults have less rights than they do. That's exactly what the "million mom march" is doing right now. Yes, it's the mean streets in the suburbs right now, Courtney Love, you limosine liberal. Guess what her argument is? "My child will never see her daddy, because of guns." Talk about stupidity. Do you think Kurt Cobain wouldn't have killed himself without a gun? There are plenty of other methods to commit suicide.

For example, in Australia, crime was not really a problem, and people owned guns and used them responsibly. Since the Port Arthur massacre, when a schizophrenic nut killed 35 people, the entire nation has been clamped down with tight gun control after the media had a field day blowing the whole thing up. And crime is now skyrocketing, including homicide, rape, and robbery, and people have all their guns taken away. Not that statistics mean much, but since gun control advocates like throwing them around, I'll do it as well.

I don't care if you own a 9mm or a M249 SAW. If you use it responsibly, it's all good. Counter to popular belief, weapons categorized as "assault weapons" are not that easy to procure. More liberal media mumbo-jumbo used to scare people.

Sidenote: Haven't people realized that much of the media is full of crap? Shock value has a higher priority over truth in American media today, and if you believe everything they say, then you're a true moron.

Let me repeat:


It's something that comes with rights.

Actually Saige, it is totally relevant. Since the topic is in regard to gun control, the issue of responsibility has a place here. I'm arguing the distinction between weapons is irrelevant if everyone was responsible. In fact, if everyone was really responsible, then there wouldn't be any argument on gun control, and the world would be that much closer to utopia. But then again, that's wishful thinking.