The process of zapping easily-spoiled food with either an electron beam or exposing it to small amounts of radiation to kill dangerous bacteria. This process leaves the food with about as much radiation as a patient has after an X-ray test. Around 9000 Americans die from food poisoning every year, around 80 million get sick because of bad food. Food irradiation, if performed on a national scale, would cut these numbers by large percentages. This process also has full government approval.

Unfortunately, food irradiation has caught the attention of a few radical "consumer advocacy" groups, who claim that not only does the radiation harm the eaters, it harms the workers who perform the process as well, by giving them cancer. Never mind that this is scientifically false. No worker has been harmed, ever, in the process of food irradiation, the government and America's scientific community fully sponsors this process as "safe, sound and extremely beneficial to society".

Well, that wasn't enough for the liberal media, who jumped in like a bad disease to "alert" Americans to this "health threat". In any case, this process is still being stalled by various environmentalist extremists, Americans continue to die from food poisoning as they speak at a rate of 25 per day. Good job.

To me, it sounds like frankenfood part 2.