I was on a United Air plane, flying from Shanghai to Toronto. I knew because of the funky info-display the 747's have in the front of each section of cabin. But the funny thing was, I was like the only person in the whole airplane. Does that rock or what? All of a sudden, these semi-nubile stewardesses came out and started doing this funny strip dance of sorts. Wow....

"This is what you've been missing in economy class." said one in a husky voice. Snoogins. Dinner was served, instead of the usual airplane food junk, I got a giant steak! In-flight entertainment was X-Men on a giant TV. Then I was in Toronto airport. Best airplane trip I've had, ever. It only lasted like an hour instead of the usual 15.

Then this big Greyhoud bus appeared in front of me. It said "Cornell" in big letters, so I tossed my luggage in and stepped on. Holy shit, it was Bill Gates! Then he started growing these huge horns, until he looked like Diablo out of Diablo 2! Welcome to the hellbus. Christ, this was going to be a long trip. Disharmony indeed.

The seats were all uncomfortable and pricky, and the driver must be 80 years old because he won't go any faster than 35 miles an hour. Wesley Willis was there, and he was headbutting Diablo in some kind of headbutting contest. Wacky. He then started singing "Casper the Homosexual Friendly Ghost". After a while, the dream got really boring, and I woke up.