Yeah! Calling us all Asian is a yellow-washing of our proud individual heritages, our unique cultures, and the fact that we are all diverse, different and proud. I demand political correctness! None of us are Asian!

And don't call us Chinese, either. There are 56 significant ethnic minorities in China at last count, and I demand that you identify me as a Han Chinese, or better yet, a Cantonese Han. Anything less would not satisfy my desire for ethnic identification, and I am perfectly willing to sue you culturally blind pale devils. Political correctness forever!

Here is a list of those minorities that live in China. Memorize them, or suffer my discrimination and hate speech lawsuit.

Achang, Bai, Baoan, Benglong, Bulang, Buyi, Chaoxian, Dai, Dong, Dongxiang, Dulong, Eluosi, Gaoshan, Gelao, Han, Hani, Hasake, Hezhe, Hui, Jinuo, Jing, Jingpo, Lahu, Li, Lisu, Luboa, Man, Maonan, Menba, Miao, Mulao, Meng, Naxi, Nu, Olunchnun, Owenke, Pumi, Qiang, Sala, She, Shui, Tahur, Tajige, Tataer, Tu, Tujia, Wuzibieke, Wa, Weiwuer, Haergehe, Xibo, Yao, Yi, Yugu, Zang, Zhuang

Go on, memorize them. Think about this wealth of cultural diversity before calling me "Chinese" again.

Brought to you by Political Correctness China: We bring the correctness back into politics.