Den Haag is also the site of the yearly THIMUN conference, which stands for The Hague International Model United Nations, MUN for short. Every January, 3000 students from various high schools flock into The Hague via Amsterdam airport under the pretense of an intelligent debate on world issues, but they all end up smoking immense amounts of pot instead.

Most of them stay in the Parliament Hotel, and for one week the whole place is filled with stoned students engaging in various sexual activities under the heavy influence of various not-so-illicit substances. Pornography, being legal there, is also viewed regularly. The trains out to Amsterdam are all filled with brainless expats getting antsy over the famed Amsterdam Red Light District. Really, it's a fun time for everybody, but don't expect any intelligent arguments out of the "delegates" the next morning.

When the raving pack of drugged nymphomaniacs finally go home, Den Haag once again becomes a peaceful little town, barring the occasional protest and riot that occurs outside the International Court of Justice and the various embassies, because after all, Den Haag is a focal point in international politics.

Incidentally, I was one of those sex-crazed drugged up psychos about a year and half ago. It was very fun! Especially Amsterdam!