Cornell University is the current academic institution to have the privilege of spoon-feeding me knowledge. Unfortunately, the knowledge is being rammed down my mouth way too fast, and I'm choking at the moment. I am a student of the engineering school, which is far superior to every other Ivy League engineering program.

Cornell is famous for its bad layout, weather and quality of education. Cornell has two main undergrad residence halls, North Campus and West Campus. If you live in West, you have to climb a huge hill (Libe Slope) every day to get to class, often covered in huge snow drifts. If you live in North Campus, expect to leave early, because it can take up to 30 minutes just to walk to engineering. Plus the snow. Always the snow. And the occasional blizzard.

Cornell's buildings are mostly old and ugly. All rright, this is coming from a disgruntled student, but believe me, they are pretty ugly. Kimball Hall and Uris Hall are the worst. Rockefeller Hall comes close. The Engineering Quad is the pit of Cornell. The Arts Quad comes close, having atrocious examples of architecture such as Morrill Hall and Goldwin Smith.

The quality of education in Cornell ranks up there with that of Harvard, MIT and Stanford. The school teaches almost anything imaginable. Engineering, agriculture, biology, hotel and government are among the specialities of this school. Architects and hotelies are ridiculed by everyone else.

The political attitude of Cornell is ultraliberal, probably due to the New York influence. The administrapo regularly tramples on the rights of students, infringes on their rights, and the student assembly is ridiculously loose-handed with other people's money. Conservatives would be lynched there if it wasn't illegal. Many leftist activist professors reside at Cornell, haunting the halls of the Arts Quad, like a bad stink.

We are only good at hockey, and we kick Harvard's ass every time we play them. We used to have stars here at Cornell such as Joe Nieuwendyk and Ken Dryden, but the 1999 team is not exactly one of the better vintages of Cornell hockey. We still beat Harvard, so it's OK. We suck at every other sport, maybe except crew.

All in all, Cornell is a very good school, especially for engineers. Its politics is abhorrently leftist, but I can ignore that for the sake of a good education.