As innocent as it may seem, Captain Planet has had a rather significant effect on kids this generation. Here's my line of thought:

  • Notice how ALL the baddies were capitalist corporations, and the good guys some poor exploited folk? To gullible children, it makes them believe that capitalism and corporations are all evil, evil, EVIL!

  • Ethnic diversity is broadcasted loud and clear here. Gotta be diverse to be good! Political correctness!

  • Environmentalism is transformed into a likable little cartoon. Corporations are ruining the environment, and we must save Mother Earth, or else the future is dark and gloomy! Electric cars! Yay!

    To any sensible person, these cartoons are just cartoons, with no relevance to real life whatsoever. However, it is different to some 12 year-old kid, getting indoctrinated into the leftism at the local middle school / high school. The leftist package being the usual stuff. Political correctness, socialism, bed-wetting liberalism, gun control, you know, all that stuff. Don't say it doesn't exist. I've attended four different middle schools in four years, and every one of them had a leftist curriculum.

    This show is what they've been taught at school! Save the whales! Greenpeace is right when they go harass the natives when they hunt! Considering the fact that Captain Planet was a relatively popular show in the past, it has probably had a significant effect on the MTV Generation, as I have observed, to contain a disturbingly high number of environmentalists and liberals. The liberal media is everywhere, and it is powerful.

    To sum it up in the words of my little sisters, a couple of ardent treehuggers, after watching a Captain Planet episode:

    Those whales are soooo cute! Corporations are evil!

    And they believed it. How sad. The miseducation of the children indeed.

    Alright, I may be a tad paranoid to suspect Captain Planet as a tool of the liberal media. But it's not even my sisters, but all her friends. They used to love the show, and they believed every word of it. Most kids are politically inert at that age, but TV has a huge impact on their believes in the future, given the amount of TV that kids watch these days. Oh well. I never liked Captain Planet. What a blue freak..........

    A sidenote: I think Captain Planet was invented by Greenpeace or the Green Party.