A word of advice for everyone skeptical of capitalism:

If you don't want to buy, don't.

What is this blabber about the thought police? Name one corporation that would arrest you if you didn't buy their products. Even Microsoft doesn't do that. Capitalism may not be "man's natural state of freedom", but it definitely is better than socialism or worse yet, communism. You talk about advertising and marketing, but remember, those are only suggestions. You can't force someone to buy a product unless they want to.

Call it the stupidity of the average consumer. But if these people are smart enough to convince someone to buy their products, good for them. I never fall for ads. I make my own choices. And no, it isn't "mind control". You fell for their marketing. They never forced you to buy their products. the masses are not being "manipulated". If you people are going to be pissed off about "choices", then that's just too bad.

Public ownership? State enterprises??? Canada?!? themusic, have these Canadian experiments in socialism succeeded? Or have they failed and ended up being sold into private ownership?

Let me ask you, have you ever tried to make a call using a public phone in France? Probably not, because you'll realize just how inefficient government-maintained corporations tend to be. Formerly government-controlled British Airways was plowed under by the better service and pricing of private airlines. Been to China recently? Then you'll see, first-hand, how utterly crap state enterprises are. And it isn't a portion. All of them failed completely and ended up being sold to private owners. There is absolutely no way public ownership will ever be better than privately-owned enterprises, and it has been proven by countless examples. Didn't the Soviet Union collapse? Didn't China abandon communism? Or was I mistaken?

Think whatever you want, but if you're pissed at capitalism because it has turned into consumerism, complain about consumerism, not capitalism. And consumerism isn't as permeated into American society as some Marxists would like to think.