That's bullshit. Anime is not only big in Japan, it is huge in many Asian countries as well. And porn is far from the majority of anime. The only reason Americans think porn is prevalent in anime is because the desire for sexual cartoons brought them over to America, and they do not desire anime kid's shows, so those were not imported from Japan (except for Pokemom of course). There is plenty of "clean" anime, such as kid's shows, comedy, and other innocent entertainment.

The stereotype that all anime is ultraviolent hentai is blatantly wrong. Japanese porn is very different from American porn (I have a writeup there) due to difference in culture (see foreign dialect of comedy). If you classify all anime as porn, then it is obvious that you have been actively seeking out hentai yourself, because if you really looked around for anime instead of hentai, you would see your mistake immediately.