You can get this done at any respectable tourist spot in China, artists sit by places such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Soldiers and wait for the crowds of pale devil tourists. The quality is great, and it makes a much better souvenir than say, a ripoff plastic figurine "antique". In addition to an uncooked grain of rice, you can also choose from any of the alternative surfaces: Good places package their newly carved wares in a nice embroidered box along with a magnifying glass for your viewing pleasure. Given the complexity of most Chinese characters, I am very surprised that each brushstroke of the tiny words was still very well-defined. The brush used in these pieces is very thin, not a brush at all, rather a needlepoint dipped in watered-down ink.

Makes for better "Been there, done that" China bragging rights than a fake piece of jade souvenir, IMHO. Ahh, the wonders of tourism. The one I got in Nanjing only cost me US$5.

By the way, these two characters make my Chinese name: - li, my surname - jian, my given name

Li Jian is my Chinese name. Jian means healthy, strong. Many Chinese people have three characters instead of two for their names. My family decided to keep mine simple.