I work in the library at my college, and I just realized what a fun job it is. I've got hours on Saturday mornings (where I can do homework, because everyone goes out and gets shellacked on Friday nights. On Sunday nights, like tonight, it's a bustling place, because there is a procrastinatory army of kids here. So the day before class is the day to get your act together (you should've seen this place right before midterms.. ugh, I'm not even gonna think about what it'll be like in December, before finals).

Well, on Saturday morning, nobody's here, so I can read for French and Philosophy, or play Freecell (I actually learned how to play it here), or sleep on the tabletop, you know, fun fun stuff. Well... I get paid for it, so getting payed for study time that you should be using anyway isn't so bad.

On Sunday nights, I do a lot of counterwork (charging books out to people)... and I just found the weirdest and most fun line to say to people when they come up to the counter. Actually, it just works on attractive young girls.


AYG: Hey, can you check me out?

Me: Yes, yes I can.
It's all about the tone of voice here, without that, it's not funny at all.

So... in summation, if you get a job as a work study student in college, either get a job where you don't do anything, or be a counter commando.