I'd just like to comment on this game. I played through the whole regular game (no, I didn't sit around beating the Chrysler building), and the only thing that kept me in it were the fantastic cut scenes, and the combat system.

I can't say much for the cutscenes, I don't think. They have to speak for themselves. The gooey monster thing breaking out of the sewer and stomping across town was very cool when I watched it for the first three or four times, and after that, it was still cool in my book.

But what gets me about this game, what really gets me, is the free-roaming combat system. Quest 64 was the first game I played that fought like this game, and Vagrant Story has the same system also. The system works like this: You get to run around in a designated area, trying to dodge attacks, and then you have a designated radius of attack for what weapon you happen to be weilding, or what special ability you're using. This is a design that I could learn to live with, as the turn based system of the Final Fantasy series, while very playable, doesn't account for much of the fun in the game.