Okay, this graphic adventure game stars Manny Calavera as the orignal bad business man. He has to go on a 4 year journey through the land of the dead, searching for the reason that all his customers' credit has gone bad. The game is a load of fun, with colorful characters like Glottis, Méché, Domino, and the real slim shady... Hector LeMans.

The buildings in this game come from the fields of the Mayan, Aztec, and Art Deco worlds respectively. People, (especially Glottis) drive big, flaming hot rods, and the graphics, although they may technically be a little behind the times, are still better than a lot of what you'll see today, because the game was done in a style. Realism wasn't the raison d'e´tre for this game. Become one of the many believers. Play this game.