There are a billion and one analagoies, metaphors, idiomatic expressions, cliches, and what have you that describe life. As it seemed tendency to be angsty and depressed when I was in high school, it seems also to be the norm for me to cleave to bullshit philosophical rambling trains of thought as a college student. Following this trend, I'm of a mind to hassle with concepts bigger than I know my mind capable of wrapping itself around. Everyone can say all they want to about life, love, anguish, joy, death, or hats, and the only thing another person can come up with is a second hand experience. They only get a fleeting glimpse of a feeling they'll never have, because all our emotions and the way that everyone percieves their experiences are all unique, partly due to the fact that we're all different people.

If I've come across as ass to read, you can stop now, because you'll get no lesbians out of me here.

Now, like I said, there've been a lot of analogies for life made by a lot of different people. Tons of different things, life is a game of cards, you play the hand you're dealt, life is a bowl full of cherries, life is like a box of chocolates. Life is this. Life is that. So why not a bowl of cereal? And if life is a bowl of cereal? Why am I not stabbing straight into the sugar that I know I put in mine?

I mean, I would've put sugar in mine if I'd had the choice, right? So life, the bowl of cereal that I've always wanted it to be. How can I further describe this analogy? Well, you start life learning a lot of things, and enjoying every moment of it, or at least I enjoyed my life a ton when I was a kid, so I figure there's some sugar left somewhere else in my bowl, it couldn't have all been on top, sugar just doesn't do that. I mean, unless I only had one gigantic piece of cereal. So you eat away. You go through that, maybe experiencing a surprising change as you get past that top layer and into the main part of life. It's different, not as sweet. But good in it's own respects, unless you don't eat enough. If you just sit around and pick at your life, it'll probably get mushy and before you get to that sugar, you'll have to slog your way past the yuck. If you take an active approach, and try to get all of life in your mouth at the same time, you may have bitten off more than you can chew. Getting the perfect amount of crispness as you descend through the bowl is difficult. I mean, it's possible to achieve with practice, but you only live once, which means there's no chance for fixing mistakes.

Unless you can get a refill. But that's not my religion. Although it is applicable. Because if you're bad enough at eating your cereal, you may get stuck with less sugar than you had before, or really funky milk.

So you get through that middle layer, and you have those pieces of cereal that float around, and you may or may not eat all of them. I don't know what that relates to in life, but I'm certain that they represent something. Like your desire to hump rag dolls shaped like toasters or something. Maybe the ones you don't pick up are the dreams you never made happen for yourself. Maybe they got stuck up on the side of the bowl and you couldn't make them happen. So you plunge forward. At this point in time, you can drink the milk at the bottom of the bowl or you can spoon in for the sugar early. Remember that luck and fate may take your cereal away from you at any point in this journey -


So you eat, drink, whatever you can while you can. One of these days though, and probably not 'these' days so much as 'days way the hell later' in my life, I'd like to get to that sugar. If my little analogy made any kind of sense, I've got a lot of cereal to go through, with only chance keeping it on the table, before I can sit down in an old creaking chair, relaxing in front of the fire, and tasting those sweet crystals that never finish dissolving in the milk.