This is the last Nintendo Dragon Warrior game... How sad. Dragon Warrior III was the best of the series, I believe, because you could pick and choose your team. This game occured in chapters like... Ummm... No games that I can think of right now. But it was fantastic compared to most other RPGs on the NES. At one point, you get to play a merchant, and for some reason, I thought it was hilarious fun to sit around and lie about what type of shop my little purple mustachioed guy was working at (bad work ethic at the age of 7, look where my life's going).

Anyway, an incredibly significant facet of this game's existence is that it barely exists. It is one of the more rare games of a well known series that is still out. Dragon Warrior ran so many prints that it's all but worthless. Super Mario/Duck Hunt underwent this same thing. Megaman 1 is fairly rare, like DW4, but Dragon Warrior IV is a serious collector's item if all of the game's packaging is still to be found. Last time I saw it being sold on e-bay?

120 dollars. Yeah. Surprising, huh?