Wow, that's a much better conversation than I got out of certain 'God' on AIM. Here follows a little snippet of what passed between me and the almighty.

Me: This is God?
6oD: \/\/|-|0 R U?
Me: I'm, ahh... DJuxtaposition. I write for Blackrage and I wear pants.
6oD: R |_| r33t?
Me: Um, no, I don't think so.
6oD: @63? 53xX?
Me: I'm a nineteen year old male. I enjoy playing video games and reading, swimming, and taking long walks, preferably through the park or some recreational area where I can see a good deal of greenery. I'm currently an undeclared major at my college, Tulane, and I don't have a whole lot of direction in life.
60D: R U |\/|oCk1|\|6 |\/|3?
Me: Well, no. I just wanted to ask you a question.
6oD: 3y3 \/\/1|_|_ |\|o+ @|\|5\/\/3r 5+|_|p1D q|_|35+iO|\|5 +|=|@+ |\/|oR+@|_5 |_1k3 yo|_| a5K o|= |\/|3 \/\/1+|=|o|_|+ prOO|= o|= |_|r |_oY@|_+y
Me Okay, I can't be objective about this anymore... You're like, 5 years old, right?
6oD: 3y3 @|\/| |\/|oR3 @|\|c13|\|+ @|\|d pO\/\/3r|=ul +|=|@|\| |_| c@|\| 1|\/|@61|\|3
Me: And halfway as incomprehensible...
6oD: |)o |\|o+ |\/|oCk |\/|3! 3y3 \/\/1|_|_ rOO+ |_|r |3oX!
Me: Oh, come on... You're on AOL for Christ's sake.
6oD: 3y3'|\/| r33+
Me: ...tarded
6oD: +|=|@+'5 1+. 1'|\/| |=|@XxOr1|\|6 |_|.
Me: Ooh, look at me, I'm scared.
6oD: \/\/|=|@+'5 |_|r p|=|o|\|3 #?

/me erupts into a fit of laughter...