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Method of writing a [budget proposal] that anticipates the inevitable [slashing] of said budget. This is particularly effective if you are working with [information systems] budgets, where you have to [spec out] systems four months ahead of time, then wait for approval, and deal with the fact that the entire industry has changed while you waited for some people in a [musty boardroom] to decide if [upgrading] those eight year old computers is really necessary this year.

Using an [IS manager]'s budget as an example, [systems] are spec'd out a little [faster], [bigger], and [beefier] than are really required to serve [current needs]. In four months, the manager can expect that pricing on the spec'd systems will drop, and that the [bean counter]s will only approve 50-75% of the requested funds. If the spirits are with the manager, the [authorized] budget will handle the purchase of the actual required systems, and still leave enough money left over for new toys for the manager's [office] or [cubicle].