Danish movie director - one of the Dogme Brothers. Born in 1947. Trained at the Czech filmschool Famu in Prague. Had his debut as director of the famous (in Denmark anyway) Do You Want To See My Beautiful Bellybutton in 1977 (probably famous because of the hilerious title). After this, his Rubber Tarzan won three Bodils (Denmark's equivalent to the Golden Globe) in 1981, his Thunderbirds of 1983 won him 6 Roberts (Denmark's equivalent to The Academy Award), and while the films Emma's Shadow from 1987 and The Boys from St. Petri from 1991 got 9 top awards. His Dogme film (Dogme 3), Mifune (in Danish "Mifunes sidste sang", meaning the Mifune' last song got him the Silver Bear of the Berlin film festival in 1999.