Some tourists get quite confused when they're eg. at Termini in Rome trying to get a train to Naples.
This mini guide is made to help you.
    German bad/poor translations of cities (same ordering as last listing)
  • Mailand, Italien: Milano
  • Nizza, Frankreich: Nice
  • Genf, Schweiz: Genève
  • Kopenhagen, Dänemark: København
  • Lissabon, Portugal: Lisboa
    French bad/poor translations of cities
  • Londres, Royaume Uni: London
  • Copenhague, Danemark: København
  • Vienne, Autriche: Wien
  • Venise, Italy: Venezia
  • Francfort, Allemagne: Frankfurt
  • Lisbonne, Portugal: Lisboa
    Spanish bad/poor translations of cities
  • Nueva York, USA: New York
  • Ginebra, Suiza: Genève
  • Basilea, Suiza: Basel
  • Niza, Francia: Nice
  • Londres, Reino Unido: London
Hopes this clarifies everything for you.