Smoke grenades are a pain in the ass:
  • They start firing as soon as they leave your hand, with no delay, which tends to startle the user.
  • They are affected by the wind greatly - Well, duh, but it's easy to underestimate the effect the wind'll have - you have to toss them at least 10 yards upwind from what you want them to cover, even in light winds.
  • Assuming it lands in the right place, the force from the smoke escaping will probably make it spin and roll to the wrong place.
  • The smoke stinks and irritates your throat. And you usually have to dive into it or go right through it.
  • And finally, they start fires if thrown near dry grassland - one of our trainers managed to do this doing a training excercise, and it took a hundred of us half an hour of bashing the fire with green plants to put it out.

They sure look pretty though!