Today started off as any normal summer day, with me sleeping in until 2:00 p.m. GavinDot and Mitchevious crashed at my place last night after the fireworks show. After I hustled the guys out of my house, I set up a checking account at my local bank, and bought some clothes for DefCon next week. I am eagerly awaiting DefCon, where I will be giving a brief speech on Macintosh computer security. NetPseudo and Mitchevious will be making the trip with me. The trip itself will be an adventure, with a four hour layover at LA X, and the Motel 6 where we are staying is sure to be interesting.

Tonight went well, with a gathering for coffee as has become typical this summer. In attendance were: GavinDot, Mitchevious, NetPseudo, and some other non-noders. As Aaron had broken up with his horrible bitch of a girlfriend (see Mitchevious' previous nodes for more information), tensions were easied greatly among the group. During coffee time, I received a call from my father, informing me that he wanted to talk about something. My stomach twisted in knots for the rest of the evening, fearing he had found an undesirable item, such as booze, cigarettes, or condoms in my room.

It has become apparent that is merely deals with my trip to Las Vegas next week for Defcon, and my flight schedule. I will find out the truth in the morning, but for now my fears have been placed to rest. Now it is time to program, and then a normal bedtime (for me) around 3:00 a.m.