So here I am, the night (ok, early morning) before my final exam for computer science here at college, and I'm stoned off my ass. My strange events started last night, when I went over to my friend's dorm to smoke some pot and watch a movie. We ended up watching the Wedding Singer, and were getting a little cuddly. I have no clue if it was just due to the pot, or perhaps there is some small chance that there is something there. After getting back from her dorm at 4:00 am, I proceeded to toke up once more, and then passed out. After sleeping away most of the day, I got up, ate, studied a bit, ate some more, smoked up once again, and then chilled out for a while. WinAmp's screensaver is really trippy when you're stoned.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should get some sleep, or just stay up all night and pray for the best tomorrow. Well, time for a smoke break.