I bought a huge pink guitar today. OK, so it’s not huge, but it is fucking big. And pink. A Samick 4-string, not sure what model. I picked it up for approx. 45 quid, give or take a few, it was a deal not to be passed up. It is really pink. I didn’t realize that something can be pink to such an intense degree; it is luminescent in its pinkness.

It plays OK, but it is so pink. The only way I can keep it is if I get a big Sex Pistols sticker to paste on the back of it.

I can’ let it sit next to my Rickenbacker; that would be sacrilege. If I can’t paint it, I’ll only use it to play AerosmithPink’ and Electric 6Gay Bar’.

Why pink?

Why me?

This stinks.