I have a test to write next week Friday, it’s on the Impact on Expansionary Monetary Policy on the changing South African Economy. Mmmmhhh, good..

The law students are writing one today; Legal Research Theory 101s. First-year students. I hate the library the day of a test that a lot of people are taking, it’s just so damn noisy. Little kiddies running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Sometimes I like to stroll through the case file library and rearrange all the cases, replace them with more intellectually stimulating material. Cruel, but fun. I like to watch them root around for ‘State vs. Wakkerstroom cs.03556-123’ only to find ‘]Winnie the Pooh]: Piglets Rainy Monday’. Hahahahaha. Just that look of despair on their faces, it oozes across them like greasy chicken on a tilted plate.

I do put the cases back just before the test, I’m not entirely evil, contrary to popular belief.

I seem to have lost something, although I’m not quite sure what it is yet. I don’t think I ever had an edge to lose, so that can’t be it.