Spent much of the day playing Starcraft. Entertaining, but the repeated ‘For Ardoun’s of my Zealots lacks the subtle finesse of Warcraft 2’s ’Captain on the Bridge’s.

Starcraft is nice. Warcraft 2 was better. How can you not love the little human demolition squads, ‘I love blowing things up!’ I miss Warcraft 2. I should probably try and get hold of it again. There is not much better than sitting quietly at your ‘puter with a nice cold beer, a cheap cigar and that pained ‘Oh God, how did he train so many axe-throwers so damn fast!’ expression oozing across your face.

I had a goodish sort of day. The woman was feeling mischievous today, so not much has changed on that front. She doesn’t seem to understand that men and women have several glaring physical differences. A man cannot stand up and walk away from a situation like the one she put me in without feeling morbidly self-conscious about the tree-trunk that seems to have made its way into your trouser pocket.

She thinks it’s funny. It probably is; just not when it is happening to me. I am hardly one to complain about being on the receiving end of the affections of a beautiful woman. There are not many affections as serenely pleasurable as those of such a woman. Mmmmhhh.

had fun. I hope everyone else did the same.