Born of 2 Latin terms (see the eviscerate w/u), one meaning out, the other meaning guts, the word Eviscerate rolls off the tongue like a buttermilk toffee does when you laugh too hard. Perhaps it does not qualify as onomatopoeia, but the word, for me at least, closely imitates the sound a very sharp straight razor being drawn across the belly of an unsuspecting pedestrian.

There is a Monty Pythonesque quality to the word as well. If you close your eyes, you can almost see John Cleese saying it, conceivably while gutting Terry Jones. It is a maddening word, one used all to seldom in modern conversation.

’Evisceration’ is a word for all ages and all peoples, but more specifically, Evil Supervillains.

It is such a beautifully expressive term, is it not?

(This daylog was plundered from my nuked 'Evisceration is a beautifully expressive word' w/u.)