This is the first dream in weeks that I have had a clear enough recollection of to log it. I was walking along a dock with the girl I took to the prom. She was wearing the same dress, a deep blue velvet outfit. I had a suit on, not the prom suit, just a non-descript dress suit.

The anachronistic nature of our clothing was clearly evident. The timeframe I think it took place in was sometime during the 19th century, and I think it was in New York.

All of a sudden, the dock became horribly crowded and I lost sight of my companion. I pushed through wave after wave of pedestrian; all one of them were absolutely identical. They were all male, around 60 years old. Each of them wore black pants, black shoes and a horizontally striped blue and white t-shirt.

The girl was taller than all of the men, as was I, but I still could not find her. I eventually wondered into a restaurant, and the entire scene changed from old world America to that same eatery from ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ where Zhang Ziyi kicks the shit out of a horde of combatants and proclaims herself the ‘Invincible Sword Goddess’.

It was empty but for 2 girls I know from college. I danced with both of them, sometimes seemingly simultaneously.

I caught sight of my prom date, only to be distracted by one of the identical pedestrians. He kept pulling me back, until I turned around and slugged him across his homogenous face. By the time this little fracas was past, I had lost the girl again.

Then, inexplicably, I woke up.

Comments and twisted pseudo-erotic interpretations are more than welcome; nay, in fact, they are encouraged.