I got out of bed a confused and scared individual. It was one of those dreams.

My girlfriend’s father has no idea that we are involved, if he did, I wouldn’t have enough fingers to type this as fast as I did.

My dream began like one of those fairly innocuous dreams that we have from time to time; I was waking through a corridor in the campus admin building, I can’t really remember why. Then a man came up to me and asked me if I could help him find a certain office, being a pleasant enough individual, I told him that I knew where the office was and that I would take him to it. It was a long walk, me and this stranger got to talking about life, the universe and why water is wet, the usual kind of shit.

As it turned out, he worked in the same place as my girlfriend’s dad. Stranger still, he lived in the same area as they did. Even stranger than that, it turned out that he was there to visit my girlfriend’s uncle. What a startling series of coincidence.

We got to the uncles office. The uncle addressed this visitor as his brother. I promptly shat myself and for reasons only to be understood by my twisted-like-a-pretzel subconscious, I blurted out ‘Jesus. I’m shagging your daughter!’

He hit me. Really hard. I cried like a baby and apologized. He threatened to kill me if I ever went near his daughter ever again. The uncle laughed.

Call me a pessimist, (everyone else does.), but I think that when the time comes to reveal our little liaison to daddy-dearest, the dream might become a little more accurate than mere images flying through my sleeping mind.

I know that this dream is displays my guilt. It is an expression of my displeasure at this need for secrecy. I don’t like doing what we do. Well, I really, really like doing what we do, but I hate the fact that her father does not know it. Some of it anyway. He is much bigger than me as well and I am not that small. He would kill me, or at least mash me into a bloodied, crying, pant-shitting pulp.

She laughed when I told her about this dream. She would.