This band was one which came to my attention in early 2002 and in a short period of time they became my favourite band their latest album, aptly named 'Your New Favourite Band' seemed fantastic. However times change and although I still like the band I think the short period it took them to become my favourite band was proportional to the period they would stay as my favourite band

The band uses catchy lyrics and some songs are perfect played in the background at home. The band encorporates elements of Punk, hardcore, garage and new wave and a few songs such as: Hate To Say I Told You So are great. After a while of listening to the album it can get dull as many of the songs follow the same sort of style. If you are looking for a quick fix band I recommend The Hives

They were tipped to become big in 2002 according to the editor of Kerrang! and they made a name for themselves but maybe they underachieved. I'm guessing those of you who are interested in the rock and punk music scene have formed your own opinions on them. Its hard not to say for the first few songs you listen to by them that the lyrics don't get stuck it your head.

Anyway for the record the members of the band are : Vigilante Carlstroem, Dr Matt Destruction, Howlin Pete Almqvist, Chris Dangerous and Nicholaus Arson.