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Product Overview:

Manufacturer: AUM-Yami Electronic Appliances

Model: Realtech Series- 'Real Feel' Youth Line; LL991

Make: 1-3{} 4-6 {}7-9 {X} 10-13 {}

Male{x} Female{} indeterminate{} Neuter {} Interchangeable Port {}

Additional Information

Appearance: 'Bryan' {} 'Laina' {} 'Josie' {} 'Paolo' {} Mutilated {} Other {X} (Custom Image Provided)

Emotional Settings: Passive {XCurious {} Aroused {} Defensive {}  resigned{X}  


Additional Vocal Phrases: {X} (Sample Provided)

Cathartic Individuation: (none)

Spiritual Complexity: (none)

Car Seat: (none)

Technical Details

Genital Appliance: Standard {} Silver(Manual Dildo/Realtex Sleeve)  {X} Gold(Automated Dildo/Realtex Sleeve and pouch) {X} (Gold Charger) {} (Gold Battery Pack) RealTech Platinum Interchangeable Dildo/Sleeve set {} (New!! RealTech brings you the softest in Teledildonics. SELECT INTERCHANGEABLE PORT IN GENDER PREFERENCES. NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY)

Warranty and Support

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Shipping and Delivery.

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