Hip-hop group consisting of Aceyalone, Mikah 9, P.E.A.C.E., and Self Jupiter. Their first album also featured All In One members J. Sumbi and M.D. Himself.

To date Freestyle Fellowship has released two albums, To Whom It May Concern and Innercity Griots. Both albums are often described as ahead of their time. To Whom... has recently been re-released making it much easier to find.

Freestyle Fellowship raps in the tradition of the L.A. Underground. They use imaginative and descriptive lyrics supported by tight beats and for the most part stay away from gang, cash-money, and bitches n' ho's type themes. These guys really define the L.A. hip-hop sound. Many great projects have come about as a result of their work with the hip-hop community or have been influenced by their tracks.

For a good introduction to the Freestyle Fellowship, check out Innercity Griots (1993, Island Records).