Extremely whacked PSX game by Artdink.

Ok, here's the deal: You're a caveman, and you father a tribe, then you go hunting for mammoth bones so you can build a tower to catch the tail of the sun.

I told you it was whacked. Oh yeah - and there are sugar cookies all over the place, too.

The name of the game here {aside from Tail of the Sun, of course) is open ended. There are no levels, no bosses, nothin'. Just you, your caveman, and the sugar cookie landscape. You try to make your tribe evolve; each sugar cookie (I think they're supposed to be plants or something; there's a little info box which thanks some dude for letting them use his sugar cookies, but notes that they're not suppposed to actually be cookies - had me fooled.) increases one of several attributes - intelligence, speed, strength, etc. - which applies to your tribe. The smarter you are, the better weapons you get to wield in your quest to go around clubbing things and turn them into sprites of meat.

The graphics in this game are bad. There's no other way to describe it. Everything in the game is blocky, distorted, and poorly textured. But that's ok; they have such character. All the little cavepeople and animals have such undeniable character that the graphics work.

But none of the two above paragraphs matter. If you play this game with the express purpose of getting mammoth bones, you'll be frustrated out of your mind. This game is for simply running around a gigantic landscape, looking at pretty shapes and clubbing the crap outta stuff.

God bless it.