Meshuggah is what my metalhead friend calls math metal - "They're cool, but sometimes they spend so much effort being precise and mathematical that they forget to rock." Meshuggah will not make you thrash around and head bang to the beat - at least, not at first. If you tried to do that, you'd probably fall over, disoriented. They have such complex rhythms, going in and out of sync, but always perfectly in time, that it can be hard to get your head around their nearly monotonal metal riffs. The funny thing about them is, it's all in 4/4, but it sounds like a much more complex time signature.

All that aside, if you really listen hard and appreciate complex rhythm, Meshuggah can be extremely satisfying (albeit, perhaps only in moderate doses).

Meshuggah trivia: They used to be named Metallien, but then changed their name Meshuggah, Yiddish for "crazy."