It occurred to me some time during the meet that this was far more than just a meet; it was a fucking odyssey.

Most meets consist of your standard revelry - there's drink and drugs, music and maybe some skin. You always meet new noders; you almost always really like them. You always come away with memories and new friends; sometimes bruises or gifts, to boot. Then you go on and you post your pictures and you tell your stories of funny conversations, and the great node game goes on, and you feel closer to the community. Sometimes there is some sort of activity beyond standing/sitting/lying around partying. Often noders go on fun trips, little adventures into their surroundings.

But it has never been like this.

This was the biggest; that much can be seen just by looking at the orignal writeup. Seventy people? Was that it? All I know is noders were everywhere. And it was long; I don't know about the others, but three or four days of solid meet is quite a lot for me. Not that I wouldn't have stayed.

But WICKED RETAHDED was the most carefully organized, exquisitely produced, and downright deep meet I have ever attended. And we have to thank for it cahla, randir and the BAP. They all put so much planning and thought and care and love and money into making this thing for us to enjoy that we should all spend every upvote we have on them, forever and ever.

There were no deli runs here; fancy Italian resturant reservations and tons of food (good food, and may god bless hemos forever) for all. And good god, the scavenger hunt. It was like being in summer camp; we were split into groups, organized, given guides, given tools, given T passes - it was like summer camp, except of course, that instead of naptime all the campers get to go to a pub or three. Oh well. You get older.

It was educational. Oh, there was your booze, sure, and there were your special brownies - cigarettes and rock music and other mind-dullers. But there was fucking history, too. Historic districts and landmarks and tons of Boston trivia, lots of great touristy shit. And we had fucking fun doing it. They call that edutainment, folks. All orchestrated by Ms. Cahla and her BAPers.

We were well furnished on our journey: cameras for all - and money to develop film, even - buckets (shovels), and lovingly printed and designed directions. Because this is the real marvel of the weekend: the amount of energy, time, care and cash that Carla put into the gathering. The costs were gigantic. No care was spared. She made all the calls, kept lists, and updates, arranged travel and had time for mad partying with the kids. And she pulled everything off. This meet was a sheer wonder. Hell - once Chiisuta and yru and I were out of her influence, that's when all the bad stuff started happening.

We salute you, cahla and the BAP. May your names be sung with praise in the halls of Everything2 evermore.