Now, some of you out there might be saying, aw, Crux, that's not so bad. But I assure you, friends, it's a terrible thing. I acquired this nickname because I happen to look quite a lot like the actor Rory Cochrane. So much so, in fact, that the nickname doesn't spread because people overhear me being called it - it spreads just because it occurs independently to every single person. This is why it's terrible. Every time I meet a new person, there's an 85% chance that they will, some time within our first several conversations, say, "Hey... You know who you look a lot like?" You'd think my agonized and knowing reply would tip them off that I've gotten it before, but No. It's, "Yeah! That guy, from Empire Records! Lucas! He was so cool! Wow! You really look a lot like him!" It is not then uncommon for said person to drag me to the closest gathering of their friends and to repeat above process.


Note: I am still in high school, so this does, in fact, apply, even though it is ever-ongoing.

And then there's EZ. I suppose I should explain it.
It's all stand/alone/bitch's fault, you see. It was the robert moses memorial everything long beach party and picnic of doom, and I decided to fashion an attractive uniform that I might be more easily recognized by my fellow noders. So I took a t-shirt and in duct tape wrote "Crux" and then a cross, and on the front the abbreviation E2. So, StAB, myopic that she is, takes one look at it, and says, "What does EZ stand for?" (Ok - so maybe it SORT OF looked like a Z) The picnicers won't let it go, the fuckers.