My good friend brightened one day when I played this song for him, telling him it was one of the greatest ever written. He said his parents used to sing this as a lullaby for him all the time, and (this is even more odd, considering the fact that his mother is a highly enlightened writer with a movie made of her book and a column in a high-profile magazine), that in fact for some time his nickname as a kid was "Doctor Wu". None of them had ever even thought of heroin.

When I told him what it was about, you could see it die in his eyes.

It should be noted also that it was Walter Becker who dannye refers to; he for many years battled (that's what they say now, right?) heroin addiction.

Update:Come on, Crux - who're you kidding? dannye says they were both junkies. Ergo, they were both druggies.